Taking the Long Way Home

Living My Dream

Of course, my husband and I live in the "rat" race (like everyone else).  Work full time and commute an hour to work each morning and each night.  All that so this country girl can enjoy living the quiet life with my horses, kids and my mom.

The Empty Nest

What to do now?  As an avid flea market enthusiast and garage sale guru, it only seemed natural to toss my hat into the restoring/painting furniture arena.  I've always been creative and still make horse hair memory jewelry for clients.

Well, it's not as easy as it appears.  As I see it, you have 2 options:

1) Slap some paint on a piece of furniture, sell it cheap and call it a day                                                        or
2) Give it your all.  Learn all you can about the entire process from selecting a vintage piece of furniture, repairing, stripping and proper cleaning to the design/artistic phase (the most fun!).  

Of course, #2 was the way for me to go!  I spent 2 years practicing on everything I could get my hands on!  Making mistakes, learning and practicing some more.   Do your homework, listen to the experts in the field, learn new techniques and use the best products and highest quality paint.

Coming into My Own

I love what I do.  I gives me a chance to show off my artistic side that my 9-5 doesn't.  It can be frustrating at times, but it challenges me and gives me a great sense of peace and happiness when my vision comes together.  I take my time, enjoying the ride.

                             Horse Country Designs - Living the dream. 

Mission: To find, restore, design and breathe new life into broken, discarded and once-cherished furniture pieces.

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